Voyage Houston Magazine interviewed me for their "Inspiring Stories from Downtown" section.
Having a robust sex life while also being a parent can be challenging. But, is it okay to try for it anyway? Will your sex life possibly hurt your kids or your ability to be a good parent? Here's a video where I sit with a panel of "sexperts" to address this very thing.
With the phenomena of the 50 Shades books and resulting movie, lots of people are looking at how to spice up their sex lives. Here, I sit with a panel of therapists to address how someone might be able to explore getting kinky without being kink.
Here's an article I wrote about how to handle when someone curses in front of your kid(s). It also includes a kid's perspective on hearing an adult curse.
What is depression and how can you deal with it. In this newsletter, I break it down into areas of symptoms with tips on how to deal with each area.
My Fall, 2013 newsletter is about happiness vs. success and how to set goals.
I admit it, I am a control freak--to a certain extent. Here is how I have learned to manage it so it is a level I can live with.
Here is an article targeted to counselors as how to work with parents. However, I think that the approach described could be helpful as a parent, mentor, supervisor, friend, etc. trying to connect on a deeper level with someone who is struggling....



Here is an detailing a mother's journey trying to move forward from her 17-year old son's suicide. In it, she is on the journey with his friends as well--an approach I applaud her for. Her sharing, activism, and mutual support & grieving with friends and family is helping her to find hope and a way forward.

Between the suicide detailed in the article and the publication, the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school occurred. People were looking at mental health and how to predict violence &/or suicide in its midst. I was interviewed for the article to provide some ideas for how to differentiate between a typical experience of "teen angst" and a more serious situation.