Unsatisfied or having problems with your current relationship?

Struggling with sexual and/or intimacy issues?

Facing or struggling with change?


Feeling overwhelmed, under-prepared, or just plain scared?

Aspiring to find a balance between home and work?

Stressed over juggling your various roles?

Want to live a successful life but not know what that means, how to get there, or how to enjoy it once you do?
  • Individual & Relationship therapy

  • Male & Female sexual issues
  • Life transitions
  • Re-energize your relationship
  • Get unstuck
  • Get past your past
  • Alternative relationships / lifestyles

You are not alone. You are not a failure. We all struggle. We all have to deal with change. Change is stressful. It is also an opportunity to explore and create your own ideal life, and to develop or rediscover your own hopes and dreams--a chance to grow and learn.

It is also invaluable to know yourself. Know what you are working towards. Know what your choices are. Know what your strengths are. Know what things tend to trip you up. Be your best asset, not your own worst enemy.

As humans, we are social animals, thriving in groups. It can be invaluable to have someone guide you to achieving your own goals--providing perspective, encouragement, empowerment, knowledge, and even an occasional kick in the butt. Counseling, be it individual or group, can be that guide.

Call today for an asset in your journey. Houston & Bellaire, TX area help on your journey.

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